How To Get Your Start In Sports Journalism.

Sports journalism is a budding field with opportunities for those interested in that line of work. The best way to start is to get a college degree in journalism while concentrating your efforts in sports. While you’re in college, you could offer to write articles for a local sports paper. You can even start by writing for your school’s newspaper about the sports activities that are happening now. Look for internships in the summer or during your school semesters when you get later in your Read the rest of this entry »

How To Interview Athletes Who Aren’t Very Talkative.

How To Interview Athletes Who Are Not Very Talkative

How To Prepare For An Interview
Every athlete has a unique past and history. Therefore, you should do your homework and research each athlete you interview. By this, I mean dig deeper into the past of your athlete’s history and try to get your interviewee to elaborate on key issues. However, if an athlete is not very talkative, you should have a few ideas planned for resuscitating the conversation.

Doing Your Read the rest of this entry »

Sports Talk Radio In Small Town America.

The role that sports talk radio plays in small town America is twofold. Bereft of a professional team, the programming is usually an amalgamation of local interest shows and nationally syndicated sports talk shows. This combination produces a radio format that permeates rural America.

High school athletics is the king of local programming. Football and to a lesser extent basketball are bandied about. The games under the Friday night lights are broadcast for the residents to listen to. The results and debate on local rivalries dominate the airwaves. Prospects of how the team will fare next season proliferate the airwaves Read the rest of this entry »

Looking Back: The Dawn Of Sports Talk Radio.

Sports talk radio has been around for decades. The best hosts in the industry who have been on the air for years have a listener following that can’t be compared to any other type of radio talk show. All sports talk radio shows currently take place on only AM stations. One of the oldest sports radio stations to broadcast sports talk radio programs is KNBR, based out of San Francisco, California.

The History of KNBR

KNBR began broadcasting in 1922 as KPO. The station was Read the rest of this entry »

New York Or Boston. Which Sports Reporters Are Tougher?

There are not two tougher cities to be a professional athlete than New York and Boston. The sports reporters in these two cities have no problem taking out the frustrations of the fans on the players. If you have a bad game, then it is almost guaranteed that you will be bashed in the newspaper the next day.

While the sports reporters in both cities are tough, they are much tougher in New York. New York fans have become accustomed to winning every season, so the sports reporters are going to get on the players every Read the rest of this entry »

How To Interview High School Athletes.

Whether you are working for an independent sports blog, a newspaper or a magazine, you will find that there is a lot of fun in interviewing a high-school athlete. They have very definite ideas and their stories are often fantastic copy. How can you get the interview that you need from the high school athlete you are speaking to.

Let them decide on the location. If you simply say that you would like to come meet them at their house, you are limiting things. Ask them if there is any spot Read the rest of this entry »

What Are The Best Colleges For Sports Journalism?

Sports journalism is experiencing rapid growth as a career field. Because of the increasing popularity in baseball and football in the United States, satellite TV West Virginia, more high school seniors are looking towards colleges that offer these types of programs. The following schools offer reputable sports journalism programs that are catered to help their students land jobs in the sports business world: Marshall University Marshall University began its sports journalism major in 2010. While this area of emphasis is new, the university’s mass communications program is well known around the country. Marshall’s sports journalism program focuses on print sports reporting, article writing, broadcasting and sports radio. Students are often placed in broadcasting and reporting positions during the school’s sporting events all year long. Oklahoma State University Because Oklahoma State University is one of the biggest sports schools in the country, they have a well developed sports journalism program. Their sports journalism program is administered by the School of Media and Strategic Communications. This program is popular among students because the university has strong connections with FOX and ESPN. Students are often placed in internships with these broadcasting companies and receive hands-on training during a variety of professional and collegiate sporting events.